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Tips For Choosing a Tablet

Everything you ought to consider when deciding which Tablet to buy



 Tips for choosing a Tablet

As usual when choosing any device the first thing to bear in mind is what your intended use will be. Tablets have been designed for web browsing, watching movies, reading E books and other entertainment-based applications. Consider a tablet to be a much larger sized smart phone. It should be noted that Tablets do not generally come with a built-in keyboard and if you do a lot of work with word processors or spreadsheets they would not be the best choice.

A tablet will usually be lighter and slimmer than a netbook or a laptop and therefore easier for carrying around but always bear in mind their limitations. The most notable difference is the use of a touchscreen which can be very useful for entertainment-based applications but not as good for work applications. There will be an on-screen keyboard which with a larger screen is much more user-friendly than a smart phone but not so good for lengthy amounts of text.

When you decide which tablet you want to buy it is always a good idea to consider future proofing. Try to find the best processor, hard drive space, Internet connection options and touchscreen type for your budget.

It is generally acknowledged that Apple still make the best tablet with the most Apps so if you need a lot of software the iPad is the best bet. Tablets which run Google's android are a close second with large numbers of Apps which can be easily accessed through a web browser.

Size of screen is an important consideration. There is a trade-off here between ease-of-use and portability. Screen sizes generally available range between 7 inches and 10 inches.

Consider the type of touchscreen available. The best and most responses are known as capacitive touchscreens. Cheaper tablets generally use resistive touchscreens which are more sluggish to use.

Consider the type of connection available. All tablets have Wi-Fi which can be used at home with a wireless router or at a wireless hotspot such as at airports and cafes. More expensive Tablets come with 3G mobile broadband which will of course be much more useful if you travel a lot. Bear in mind that he if you are considering an android device access to the full catalogue of apps is only available using 3G.

Look around on the Internet for the best deals with firms such as Amazon. If you are on a very tight budget you may consider buying second-hand from eBay. This needs to be done with care however as there could well be faults and your remedies are not as strong as when buying new.


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