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How To Make your Wireless Network Secure

Protect youself from hackers with tihis guide



 Make your Wireless Network Secure

Manual Configuring of a Wireless Router for better Security

Most people are probably aware that there are security problems when it comes to having an open network connection available to those around you.  While certain business like coffee shops might want an open connection, this isn't something that you need to have when you are using your own home connection as this could lead you to some serious problem.  This is why you need to do some manual configuring on your wireless router so that you can have better security.  There are a few tips that you should remember to achieve the type of security that you need.

One of the best changes that you can make is to change the default password for the administrator of your wireless router.  There are common login and password combinations that are used as the default for many wireless routers.  Someone attempting to hack into your router can do so easily if you are using the default settings.  You will have to refer to your router's manual to change this password for more protection.

Most routers today have encryption settings that you can use on them.  The common types of encryption that most use are WPA and WEP.  These are very secure and make it difficult for others to break them.  You should use the highest form of encryption that you can for the best security.  Your wireless router many times will have different options for choosing a more secure or a less secure setting.  WPA2 for example is extremely secure but some versions of Windows XP have a hard time logging into this type of security which means you might have to use a lower setting.  Some routers will allow you to have different channels that provide different levels of security as well.

While it's not always necessary, you can also manually change the SSID on your router.  This will be the name that shows up when you try to connect to your network.  Some manufacturers ship their routers with the same names. This means it will be easy for someone to spot what type of router you have meaning it will be less secure to someone who understands how to get into that type of router.  If you change the SSID to something else, it will be impossible to determine what type of router is being used.  You should choose a name that doesn't give away any personal information or let others know that this is your home connection. 

If you are unsure how to make these types of changes to your router, the manual should provide all the details that you need.  If you do these three main changes, you will have much better security today.

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