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Setting up a Wireless Network in Windows 7

Discover how to easily set up a Wreless Network in Windows 7



 Easily Set up a Network in Windows 7

Overview- Setting up a Wireless Network in Windows 7

A wireless network allows you to connect to the internet regardless of where you may be in your home. If you or a family member owns a laptop, chances are, you or they, will be in one room one moment and another the next. A wireless network would provide you with internet access wherever you go in your home. Below, you'll find a brief, step-by-step guide that will help you set-up your wireless network in Windows 7.
1.Gather the necessary equipment: The first thing you'll need to do is gather up all of the necessary equipment. Now, not everything you'll need is physical. For instance, you will need a broadband internet connection. Cable or DSL will do. Next, you will need a wireless router. The router is a piece of equipment that allows for communication between the internet and the network. A wireless network adapter is necessary as well. The adapter will connect your computer(s) to your network.

2.Connect to the internet and set up the modem: After you have gathered the necessary equipment, it's time to set up your internet connection and modem. If you have DSL, connect the cable jack to the modem.

3. Find a place for your wireless router: The best place to put your router is where the signal is the strongest. Typically, this is somewhere in the middle part of your home. Keep it off the floor and if possible, away from metal and  walls.
4. Secure your wireless network: Securing your wireless network is extremely important. If you fail to, people outside of your home can access it. Often times, these people are your neighbors or crooks looking to do such things. All information saved on  the computers in your network can be accessed by thieves. Keep this in mind and do what you can to protect yourself.

To secure your wireless network, do the following, change your router's default password and user name. Create a network security key. Make sure you that keep your security key in a safe place so that you can access it when necessary. Using a firewall is a good idea as well.
5. Add the computers in your network: You will want to connect you and your family member's computers to the network.
After you have followed all-of-the-above steps, your wireless network should be set-up and ready to go. If you are having  trouble, ask a family member or close friend to give you a hand. If neither offers much in the way of help, you may need to call in a computer technician.

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