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Control the Installation of your Programs

Take control of programs when you install them


 How to Stop Programs changing preferences

Sometimes when you install a new program it will impose itself as the default application for a particular file format in preference to your previous favourite.

The first thing to be aware of is that when you install program you are often given the option of a quick default installation or a custom installation often stated to be advanced. If you are given the option to use the custom installation always use this. You can then say yes or no to annoying options like a programme making itself a default application to open for example your pictures. Another frequent annoyance is that a program will often install another program such as a toolbar from a company having a tie-in with the programme maker. Again by using the custom installation you can say no to this option.

In the event that the default program for opening types of files has been changed you can quite easily remedy this. First right click on any file of the affected type and from the pop-up menu which appears choose "open with". In the dialogue box choose the program you wish to associate with this type of file from the list which is shown. If the programme you wish to use is not shown then use the browse button to find the appropriate program. Place a tick in the box against "always use the selected program to open this kind of file". This will make sure that this type of file is always opened with the program you choose. Now click okay and you are all sorted.


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