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Control Which Programs Launch at Startup

Speed up your computers boot time. Control which programs launch when you switch on


 Control Which Programs start at Boot up

SyYou will often find that as your computer gets older the time it takes to startup gets longer and longer. The reason for this is usually that when you install programs many of them will add themselves to what is known as the Startup folder. The result is that these programs will be starting up when your computer is switched on whether or not that is necessary. Sometimes when you install a program there will be a custom or advanced option. It is always better to use this because you can usually then specify that the program will not be opened during the start-up process.

There are some programs which need to start immediately such as your antivirus program and firewall. There are other programs which are part of Windows which again have to startup when your computer is switched on.

There is a very straightforward way to control which programs start-up when your computer is switched on. Go to start and then click "run" you will usually find this at the bottom of the column on the right. In the window which opens type "msconfig" without the quotes. A window will then open headed System Configuration Utility. Click on the startup tab and you will see a list of startup items. Many of these will be Windows programs or files which are essential for the operation of the computer so anything you do not recognise should be left alone. However you will often find a number of programs listed which you do recognise as programs you've installed.

Go through the list of programs and if there is anything which does not have to be started up when the computer is switched on un-tick it by clicking in the box on the left it has a tick against it. You should not change any security software as this should startup at the time the computer is switched on.

A window will come up warning you that to bring the changes into effect you need to restart your computer. You can either click to restart immediately or click to exit without restart.

When you do restart your computer a window will appear headed System Configuration Utility. This will warn you that you have made changes to the way Windows starts. It states that the system is in diagnostic or selective start-up mode. It suggests that you use the normal start-up mode to undo the changes made. You should check the box to say "don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows starts" and then click OK.

Your computer will now start the way you want it to and should be somewhat quicker to get going


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